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Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

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Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by Ramcus »

Just an update to my previous lottery prediction, with the updated lottery.

1. Brooklyn Nets(40-42) via Orlando Magic: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
The Brooklyn Nets won the lottery, and as a result they get the #1 prospect in this year's draft, SGA. I don't think this surprises anyone, as SGA has been the public #1 prospect since he put his name in the draft. SGA sets himself apart from other point guard prospects by being an elite, oversized defender at the point guard. He can play the point guard because he's a capable ball handler and capable shooter, able to run a CSL offense from day 1.

2. Los Angeles Clippers(24-58): Ky Bowman
Last offseason, the Clippers drafted future DPOY Rui Hachimura. An elite defender who's already made a visible difference on the on-court product for the Clippers, their next priority should be to put an offense around Hachimura. And what better, than the single best offensive engine in the college game, Ky Bowman. Bowman single-handedly carried Boston College's offense all season, and with Hachimura next to him, he'll truly play no defense. But that shouldn't matter if Hachimura can cover all his defensive deficiencies. Especially if Bowman can cover all of Hachimura's offensive deficiencies.

3. Detroit Pistons(57-25) via Minnesota Timberwolves: Brian Bowen
Brian Bowen is probably the single best draft prospect that the Pistons could get their hands on. They already have their roster largely intact, with the primary goal this offseason to resign Stanley Johnson Jr.. Bowen will just be a complementary piece, as he doesn't have the shot creation to be a #1 offensive engine. But on the Pistons, he'll never be asked to do anything besides be that complementary piece.

4. Los Angeles Lakers(30-52): Cameron Reddish
I have the Lakers taking BPA, as Cam Reddish is an amazing all-around wing, who will be an immediate plug-and-play for the Lakers. With such a young roster, the Lakers have a good future ahead of them. At this point, they've drafted incredibly well, and just have to be patient.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder(16-66): Bruno Fernando
The OKC Thunder have their future star scorer locked up, as they are focused on resigning Kevin Knox this offseason. As such, I have them taking elite 2-Way defensive prospect Bruno Fernando, who played like a monster in Kyrus' Draft League. He bumped his draft stock up, and all the way to 5th here for me. The Thunder will continue looking for their point guard of the future, but that will not come from this draft.

6. Memphis Grizzlies(23-59): RJ Barrett
Honestly, I'm surprised to see RJ Barrett fall out of the top 5, but it just shows how strong the top 10 of this draft is. Barrett is BPA at this point, but also a solid fit with the rebuilding Grizzlies. He's that alpha-male scorer, give him the ball and he'll get to work.

7. Dallas Mavericks(31-51): Jaxson Hayes
With Bruno Fernando coming off the board only 2 picks ago, the Mavericks select the next best 2-Way center prospect. Jaxson Hayes, an incredibly young, raw, and wild Texas freshman, who's tantalizing potential nabs him a top 10 pick in the draft. Pretty much a young NBA Tyson Chandler, the Mavericks will be the perfect organization for Hayes to take his time and develop.

8. New York Knicks(34-48): Tyler Herro
I would've chosen Matisse Thybulle here, but Andrewu91 has already publicly stated that he's not looking for him at this time.
Andrewu91 wrote: Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:05 pm
Ramcus wrote: Fri Sep 18, 2020 11:56 am I like Matisse Thybulle, but I don't think he falls to 9th. He's too tantalizing a defensive prospect for the Knicks not to take a swing at him at 8th if he's still available. The Knicks's biggest holes are their defense, as they have scoring figured out with Fultz and Williamson. They also already have an elite defender in JJJ, and will only be adding to that.
Not on my radar. There's someone else I hope falls to 8th
With that in mind, I've got the Knicks taking Tyler Herro with the 8th Pick. At this point in the draft, the best prospects are gone, so I have the Knicks taking an elite off-the-dribble shooting guard in Herro. Similar to his NBA counterpart, Herro has flourished as a perimeter-oriented scorer, and will diversify the Knicks offense. The shooting guard position is also the position with the biggest question marks for the Knicks, so this is more of a positional need for them.

9. New Orleans Pelicans(37-45): Matisse Thybulle
I actually really like how Thybulle's looked so far. Although somewhat of an empty-stat guy, Thybulle is like a squid, capable of doing whatever the situation requires. He's a high potential DPOY candidate, who separates himself from other defensive candidates with his potential to run a CSL offense.

10. Indiana Pacers(40-42): Daniel Gafford
The Pacers are an interesting bunch, who started off the season incredibly hot, but cooled off surprisingly quickly and never could get hot again. TheTwoWallaces already has their roster in place for the near future, so I have them taking role-player Daniel Gafford. As a team who's got a lot of salary on the books for the long-term future, Gafford adds elite shot blocking and rebounding to a team that's only missing a little bit to get into the playoffs. Gafford also knows his place as a role player, so he won't take away too many shots from Semi and MPJ.

11. Washington Wizards(40-42): Kendrick Nunn
The Wizards share their situation with the Pacers, as they are in a similar place as a franchise. A team who was knocking on the door of the playoffs early in the season, but something went wrong and in the end they couldn't make the extra push. I have them taking Kendrick Nunn with the 11th pick, as a 3 level scorer who can add more stability to a Wizards team that desperately need it.

12. Brooklyn Nets(40-42): Aaron Wiggins
Uh... this team is just defenders huh. Aaron Wiggins falls to the Nets at 12th, as an elite 3&D prospect who can both space the floor and provide capable defense. SGA, Wiggins, JonIssac, Derrickson, and Ayton. Wow...

13. Boston Celtics(56-26): Kyle Guy
I've got the Celtics taking Carson Edwards clone, or JP Macura clone, or [insert 3-point gunner] clone, Kyle Guy. Actually, Kyle Guy sets himself apart from those other listed names as a guy who can SURVIVE on the defensive end. I'd still say below average though.

14. Milwaukee Bucks(42-40): Brandon Clarke
Last season, the Bucks drafted Ja Morant. The season before, Troy Brown. And the year before that, Wendell Carter. Milwaukee had one of the best defenses in the league, but they are severely lacking an elite creator. So I've got them taking an elite shot creator in Brandon Clarke. It's time for Thon Maker to be traded, and for Brandon Clarke to take on his role. Clarke will give more than Maker, as a guy capable of taking some offensive load off of Ingram, Brown, and Morant's hands.
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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by KW »

Bowman at 2 is very interesting! Often times we've seen talented players with one major weakness fall in favor of all-around players, but I can see him being worth that

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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by Dylan »


I can confirm we're down to being between 2 players. Those 2 players will remain a mystery until draft night :)

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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by Flaming Homer »

Marcus is a fan of Bowman for a while now. I'm sure he would take him at 2. An also for Dylan it fits if he is what everyone says.
I still have to scout him to have a better idea.

Brian Bowen to Detroit and Cam to the Lakers makes a lot of sense imo.

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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by Andrewu91 »

I have to scout Herro but three point shooting is a need for us. I wonder how his defense is. Even average would be good enough for me
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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by bt »

Now with floor ranges and actions and a fixed pass rating, you could easily see a team pass on a more talented player for one that excels in a one area.
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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by cb4raptorscb4 »

Surprised to see Barrett drop so low, but we haven't really scouted the top guys much knowing we'd be in the middle of the pack.

Seeing guys like Clarke, Guy, and Wiggins near the bottom of the lottery is enticing for us though choosing 15th. One of these guys in this mock could end up a Warrior if they slide.
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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by emplep7 »

Bowman reminds me of a slightly better and younger version of Milos who has been a stud in this league so I'm not surprised, but I'm honestly not sure what Dylan is thinking with his pick. I'm not set one any one guy at this point, but will just need to see what Dylan leaves for me after his pick.

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Re: Ramcus's Lottery Prediction, updated.

Post by hardenwithnod »

bt wrote: Tue Sep 22, 2020 1:23 am Now with floor ranges and actions and a fixed pass rating, you could easily see a team pass on a more talented player for one that excels in a one area.
Yep, I feel like this will be a big deciding factor for a lot of GMs.

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